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    Tell me if this sounds familiar to you. You have just been invited to tender for a commercial project, but the term period is slightly out of reach for your capital to sustain you. How about something simpler. You want to close a deal with a customer or client but the only thing limiting them is that initial available capital. Odds are you have or currently are experiencing this story, either as an installer or a customer. We understand that budgets restrictions on sizeable projects or bids can prevent you from purchasing all the equipment in one go.

    Helios Solutions can now offer its traders, installers, and customers a range of asset finance options. This will enable flexibility and choice to get your project operational at competitive rates.

    Our solution is an asset finance agreement were the customer signs a 2-7 year term, were they will make monthly payments to reduce the total value of the project. This agreement allows the lease owner to hold this as an asset on their balance sheet, this works well for businesses that don’t want to issue large deposits above 45%. There are huge benefits to fixed monthly payments for the agreed term, especially if dealing with feed in tariff since you still receive those benefit along with reduced electricity costs.


    • Overcome budget constraints
    • Multiple lenders, ensuring competitive rates
    • Up to £1.5m funding available
    • Spread costs across fixed term and improve cash flow
    • Simple electronic paperwork process
    • Terms available 2 to 7 years, subject to credit
    • Credit decisions under £100k made within 24 hours
    • Fast decision and quick turnaround on funds*
    • Include all costs within finance (Installation/Products)

    Our project finance is only available to UK registered or based limited companies with each agreement being subject to credit checks. Installers can apply for project finance on behalf of their end client.