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  • Helios MPOWER 10

    Helios MPOWER 10

    $85.00 INC VAT

    PS-K025R is our highest selling solar home systems and in rural communities is the most all inclusive expandable solar home system that has been introduced to a market. Not only does it offer light it can charge up to two phones simultaneously, come with a built-in radio it can power any type of DC appliance when upgraded. This portable power station has helped many of our clients earn extra income buy selling power to customers, as well as offer entertainment. This added attention bring more people to their doorstep who would view and purchase other items in their home, market stall or shop.


    PS-K025R has an anti-theft design made from a sturdy ABS material and comes with 3 3W LED bulbs that emit 300 lumens of light each. With 70% of customers earning less than $3 a day it was important for us to develop a product that people could receive with a small deposit and pay of over time. These systems can be upgraded to meet your growing energy demands as well as power TVs, fans and other related appliances. PS-K025R also includes a built in fold-able handle for easy transport, which can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

    Additional information

    Weight 4 kg
    Dimensions 35 × 13 × 25.3 cm
    Solar Panel

    10W/18V Sunpower, Poly-crystalline Aluminium Frame


    12V/7000mAh, Lead-acid battery

    Light Source

    3 x 3W LED bulbs, 50,000 hours life

    Working Time

    24hrs, 1 Bulb
    12hrs, 2 Bulb
    8hrs, 3 Bulb
    7hrs, with fan

    Charging Time

    8-10 hours, under full sunshine


    5-in-1 USB mobile adapter


    4 pcs/carton, 22.5kg
    (56 x 36.5 x 27 cm)

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