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    Helios Solutions supply innovative pico lights and solar energy systems to electrify homes and small businesses. Each item offers high performance lighting and mobile phone charging. Optional features such as radios, mp3 players, sos alarms and torches can be integrated into certain products. Our higher performance systems even come with options for premium appliances like a TV, Fridges and Fans.

    Our affordable pay-as-you-go payment plans save our customers money immediately and for years to come. Once the loan is repaid the customer owns the unit outright and never has to make another payment.

    As our customers’ energy demands grow, so can our systems. Additional appliances such as TVs can be added over time without buying a new unit.

    Money Saved From Helios Products
    100s OF $ SAVED

    $300 to $1,000 in savings for each household over 4 years by eliminating the need for kerosene and mobile charging expenses.

    Tens of Thousands of families have been lifted up from object poverty thanks to Helios
    1000s OF FAMILIES

    Every day more families enjoy safe bright lights for work and home, listening to news on their radio, and cheering on their favourite team on TV.

    Thousands of families are living healthier lives free from Kerosene due to Helios Solar Lights and SHS

    Using kerosene is equivalent to smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day, according to World Bank so eliminating it benefits everyone.

    Over a Hundred New Jobs Have been created because of our work here at Helios
    1000s OF NEW JOBS

    Helios Solutions has generated hundreds of jobs for entrepreneurs, salesman technicians and engineers across West Africa.


    We offer our products on either an upfront cost or a pay-as-you-go payment plan so that families of all financial means can afford and access electricity. Customers make a small deposit and install their system, followed by daily, weekly or monthly mobile money payments for the remainder of their loan. Each payment provides a code that unlocks their unit until the next payment is due.

    Build Credit

    Many of our customers have never had access to a bank and therefore have no financial credit history. Helios Solutions is their first opportunity to build a credit history, thanks to our pay-as-you-go payment plan. This allows our creditworthy customers to purchase additional products and services in the future and continue to transform their lives.


    Our home systems provide families with electricity for a price they can afford. After making consistent payments our customers are eligible to upgrade their system to add new appliances without the hassle of buying a new system. They simply purchase our upgrade package and plug  in to their existing system to instantly enjoy benefits like TV.

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