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    Energy Access- Surviving COVID-19 And Relief Mechanisms

    Energy Access COVID-19 Refief Summit Banner
    15 Jul 2020 – 16 Jul 2020

    Virtual Event

    Energy Access COVID-19 Relief Summit

    Day 1 of the Event: 15th of July 2020

    Session 1: 

    The Importance of Access to Energy for the Accomplishment of the SDGs

    Session 2:

    Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on Energy Access:

    Day 2 of the Event: 16th of July 2020

    Session 4:

    Building Back Better Energy Access after COVID-19:

    Session 5:

    Private Sector Response to the Pandemic Pivoting and Adapting Business Models:

    60 Decibels COVID-19 Consumer Insights

    Webinar 1: June 2020

    Webinar 2: July 2020

    Webinar 3: 3 September 2020