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    Helios Solutions offer a wide variety of solar car ports to suit our installer and client needs. Whether its for a large scale commercial/industrial site or just for your home we have something that works for you. Are you a home owner and  don’t have a large budget to purchase a named brand? Why not try out Helios Solutions own domestic Solar CarPort, designed in-house and can be construction for local materials anywhere in the world.

    The Solar CarPort has been designed from the ground up with aesthetics and simplicity in mind, a step away from the industrial carports already on the market. Traditional oak construction with modern lines offers the owner an addition to their property that they can be proud of.


    Helios Solutions have been researching and installing EV technology for the past three years. We’ve acquired in depth knowledge about the various products needed, including everything an installer needs to know to get trained and involved.

    We can offer you full support and technical advice to help you start out as an EV charging installer. Our range of products support every type of install from domestic, commercial to public sites (street) with everything you need for the complete install.

    Each product is designed and built to be flexible, compatible with all leading motor manufacturers’ EVs and have their communication protocols include all types and modes of charging.


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    It is an ideal way to add Solar PV to any property without altering it and at the same time provides a sheltered place with integrated charging point for electric vehicles. The solar panels can then provide electricity for the home and free fuel for the car!

    Who’s it for?

    Electric vehicle charging using renewable energy provides sustainable transport for the future. In addition to locating these carports at individual residential and business premises there is potential to establish a network of publicly available solar powered charging stations at retail car-parks, tourist attractions, council properties, and railway stations etc.

    What are the benefits of EVs?

    Electricity is one of a number of options which has great potential as an alternative to oil. It can be produced from sustainable sources, it can be readily supplied, and it produces no emissions from the exhaust pipe.

    This means EVs can offer significant environmental benefits when used as urban commuter transport. Here are some of the benefits of EVs when operating solely on battery power:

    • No exhaust emissions
    • A quiet driving experience
    • Easy to use infrastructure
    • Practical and easy to drive, Ideal in urban stop-start traffic



    Who can submit a notification?
    Anyone who is recognised as competent to install an EV charge point through a scheme can submit a notification; including instances where the installer is working on behalf of the customer at that property.
    How do I submit a notification form?
    A notification or application form can be downloaded from the ENA website (link) and submitted directly to the network operator through the email addresses indicated (link)
    When do I need to make a notification?
    Every time an installer or customer installs an electric vehicle charge point to an existing property, they must notify their DNO accordingly. Notification is the process whereby if the proposed addition/alteration is assessed by the installer to be within the existing rating of the supply equipment, then the EV charge point can be installed and the DNO will be notified retrospectively.
    Will DNOs refuse the installation an EV charge point?
    No, DNOs are obliged to facilitate the installation/connection of new loads to the power network, as part of their license condition.
    Do all installations of EV charge points to existing properties require DNO intervention?
    No, installations where the Maximum Demand of the property including the new EV charge point load is less than the rating of the supply equipment must be notified to the DNO post-installation.