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    Our website, its network and platform have been designed to enable knowledge leaders to better reach knowledge seekers. We focus on working with industry experts working within the solar and energy efficiency sectors. What makes use different is that any qualified expert can build a course that is suited to their countries market and reach anyone in the world.


    Students walk away with tangible skills and knowledge that they can apply to their work and use to advance their careers and streamline their workflow. All skills deliver in our courses conform to industry standards and code of practice. We’ve receive fantastic levels student satisfaction with our active practical and online courses receiving an average rating of 8.9 out of 10.


    Our online classrooms & course-building software was developed by improving upon solar institutions that have set the standard for online training in the solar and cleantech industries. Thousands of students and instructors appreciate our simple user interface and customer service. Our experts have collectively brought together a centuries worth of experience in the field and we help share that information across the globe.


    Our experts work extremely hard to build and run these courses and appreciate the decades they’ve worked in the industry.  Our instructors have collectively closed over $100 million in solar based projects as well as $2 million teaching in the field and we’re excited to be sharing their knowledge with you. Building an online course is as excellent pathway to becoming a thought leader in the industry, while getting paid your fair share for the valuable knowledge you bring to the platform.


    Helios Solutions Course platform was created in 2018 by a group of humble students of the industry, as an in-person training company for solar professionals. Though they had acquired years of experience they were unsatisfied with the standard of engaging content and the disengaged attitudes of the instructors leading them. Feedback from our community has helped us evolve into the technology company we are today, enabling us to reach a worldwide online audience.


    The Helios Solutions community has an audience of 2,000 professionals. There are currently 21 courses available on the platform and students have completed 94,212 assignments from those courses.


    Helios Solutions practical course are taught by register, certified electricians and solar technicians from the United Kingdom, Europe and America. Each technician has over 5 years installation and teaching experience in both trade skills, domestic and commercial projects. Their main goal is to simulate real life scenarios our installers face regularly, as well as complete all documentations, inspections, tests and handover procedures according to international code practices. That way all installers registered to our or any competency scheme knows what needs to be filed in order to met statutory regulation and prevent personal and business litigation.


    To ensure our installers and traders keep up-to-date on the latest technological developments and practices in the field of solar we regular webinars and workshops. These programs are often free of charge and hosted by representatives of the named brands we offer on our website. It is a great opportunity to talk directly with the companies, ask questions which you’ve been facing in your market and receive exclusive qualifications to operate their systems. These programs are on a first come, first served basis and our register members receive early notification when a new class is being organised.



    How long do I have access to the materials?
    For paid courses, course materials will remain in your account with minimum guaranteed access for 12 months after enrolment. Free courses will remain in your account for as long as that content remains available on our site. After your one year has expired, you can extend access to your course materials by joining as a Helios Solutions member. A monthly membership subscription will extend access to all of your paid courses for as long as you want.
    How do Helios Solutions online courses work?
    Our online courses are designed to be flexible and convenient while providing access to world-class instructors. Course lengths vary from one lecture to up to ten weeks. The assignments, materials and discussion board are organized into weekly modules so you and your fellow students will be on the same general schedule. Apart from that, you can complete the assignments at your own pace. Our premium courses are led by an instructor who interacts with students on the discussion board and through weekly assignments. Meanwhile, our free and short courses are typically self-paced, where the content has been created by an expert, with little to no interaction occurs with the expert.
    How often do instructors check in on online courses?
    The content available in Helios Solutions courses is self-served, so students can access all of the course materials as soon as they enrol and for at least 1 full year after the session ends. We offer two main types of courses at Helios Solution and they have different levels of instructor interaction. All our courses are continuously updated by the instructor where needed according to market developments. After enrolling students receive all future updates to the course for free. After your year of access expires, you can optionally join as a subscription member to extend access and to updated on content by the instructor. Our premium multi-week courses are created and led by expert instructors. In these courses, instructors utilize discussion boards to interact with students. Instructors are active in their courses during the scheduled session dates, or upon enrolment for our rolling admissions courses. It varies by course but typically instructors check in between daily or weekly to check quiz results or project work, review and respond to discussion board questions and read survey responses. Short courses are built by expert instructors and are intended to be self-served by students. Instructors only get involved to update content and review surveys, but do not interact with students.
    Are there prerequisites for your online courses?
    There are no prerequisites required for any of our online courses, even though some go into very advanced topics. We believe people learn in different ways and sometimes being thrown in 'the deep end' is appropriate for a person or subject.
    How large are your courses?
    We typically enrol between 10 and 40 students, depending on the course and time of year.
    What is the difference between the BPEC, City and Guilds and NAPCEP solar course?
    The BPEC course is designed for domestic installers only. City and Guild and the NABCEP are for domestic and commercial solar and are the gold standard for UK and America respectively. They’re more extensive and require you to achieve acquire credits and log work experience to complete.
    Are the practical training lessons in Africa realistic?
    Are training rigs in Africa are custom built with assistance from one of the biggest trade skills academies in Europe. All our training is as realistic as you are going to find.
    Do our practical qualifications expire?
    To ensure peace of mind for customers and keep in line with a developing sector, all practical qualifications need to be renewed every five years.
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