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    The Sustainable Development Agenda for 2030 is an action plan to promote prosperity amongst communities, financial and social inclusion, and preserve resources by switching to more energy efficient and renewable energy generators. To achieve these Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), collaboration and joint investments between public and private partners are required. As a supplier and EPC we can advise development organisations, financial institutions and others wishing to make use of our knowledge and experience in the field of public-private partnerships, system design, inclusive project development and financing in emerging economies and developing countries.

    Our experience and networks in relevant economic sectors related to renewable energy ensures we are reliable, independent systems integrator and intermediary between stakeholders and businesses. This will allow our clients to quickly mobilise capacity building, arrive at feasible development approaches and implementation strategies with relative ease. We generally provide advisory services on a fixed fee basis.

    Assignments that we can undertake for you may include:

    Project and programme design and management
    - Design and formulation of support programmes and projects; - Project management and program coordination; - Facilitation of public-private partnerships; - Monitoring and evaluation assignments, including mid-term and end-of-project reviews;
    Assessments and Studies
    - Preparation and presentation of sector studies; - Feasibility and pre-investment studies; - Supply chain research and market assessments;
    Technical assistance and training
    - Advisory services on private sector development approaches and implementation strategies; - Development of inclusive financing models; - Development of bankable business plans; - Preparation and implementation of training programmes on business planning and SME financing in developing countries.