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    At Helios Solutions we believe, change begins with “you” and in giving individuals a platform to make a difference and find purpose that will improve your life as well as others.

    Volunteering can be truly rewarding experience that helps you make new friends, increases your confidence and lets you play a part in your community. It can also give you a better chance of getting paid work, improving your career prospects or getting a place at university by helping you to:

    • learn new skills
    • practise the skills you have
    • build your confidence
    • discover new hobbies and interests
    • meet people who can help you find paid work
    • include volunteering experience on your CV
    • show employers you can keep regular hours and handle commitment
    • have things to talk about in a job interview
    • get references

    Other benefits of volunteering include:

    • having fun doing something you have never tried before
    • a sense of satisfaction and achievement
    • travelling and exploring different countries and interacting with stakeholders in various sectors
    • the opportunity to make new friends with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences
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